Digital Bronze Reproduction

The Frederic Remington Art Museum has created the finest reproduction available by scanning an original Remington bronze in 3D - Remington's famed The Rattlesnake from the original lifetime casting #14.   Cast in the US using the traditional lost wax bronze casting method, the sculpture is numbered with a limited number available.   

Ordinary bronze reproductions begin as an artist examines pictures or actual originals and then creates a clay model from scratch.  The fidelity to Remington’s originals varies widely.  

Our process begins with scientific accuracy.  The first steps employ a technology undreamt of in Remington’s day, a 3D laser scanner captured every minute detail.  The scanning data is then employed to create a positive copy in resin.  This hyper accurate copy is then employed to make molds and continue production in a manner similar to Remington’s day.  Each cast is proofed twice in production by the Museum's Curator & Education Specialist