Parish's Fancy

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Author: Walter Guest Kellogg

"On the hill is the Parish cottage behind which was a large coach house. Here George Parish stayed overnight & changed horses on his way from Ogdensburg to Antwerp. Madame Vespucci was often his guest at the cottage.  Their love affair has been told by Walter Guest Kellogg in his novel "Parish's Fancy."

 "Mr. Kellogg has made a flavorsome story of this romantic episode in our history.  Daniel Webster, Martin Van Buren, the lovely Ameriga [Vespucci] and the men she loved are brought to life again in a singularly appealing narrative.""Ameriga Vespucci was real, tale of her alliances (Daniel Webster, John Van Buren) is woven from fact, legend and imagination."

"......biography of Ameriga Vespucci, a woman who added a romantic episode to American history with Daniel Webster and President Martin Van Buren."

Parish's Fancy: Ameriga Vespucci and George Parish were the scandal of Ogdensburgh, living together without benefit of clergy, until one day duty called and George set off alone to take up his duties as Baron of Senftenburg.

Number of pages: 293 pages


Originally published in 1929