Year End Giving

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November marks the 100th anniversary of Eva Remington’s death. With her will, handwritten 2 days before her November 3rd demise, she set in motion a great step in securing her husband’s legacy. She made the gift of Frederic Remington’s art, archives and studio effects that have formed the basis of the Frederic Remington Art Museum’s collection.

Ever since, the Frederic Remington Art Museum has been serving the artist’s legacy with growing success. This year, through our loan exchange with the Sid Richardson Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, we are introducing new audiences to Frederic Remington’s Eastern and North Country work with the exhibit “Another Frontier: Frederic Remington’s East.” What I’m hearing is growing recognition that this superlative work is not a footnote in the story of Remington’s artistic achievements.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating Eva Remington’s landmark gift with a meaningful gift of your own. Please join me and others who have made significant gifts to further the museum’s important work, to expand and deepen appreciation and understanding of Remington’s work by engaging contemporary audiences and keeping his legacy relevant.

Please help us engage our local and wider-ranging communities with our superlative education program, which is thriving with the opportunities provided by the Western Remington masterpieces on view as part of our year - long loan exchange with the Sid Richardson Museum.

We look forward to your generosity, which will support our good work and honor Eva Remington’s vision.

Best wishes,

Laura A. Foster